Since our creation, One Horse At A Time, Inc. has been against soring. This includes the use of Pads and Chains that create the Big Lick way of moving.  Soring and the Big Lick go hand in hand.

Soring has been illegal since the passage of the Horse Protection Act (HPA) back in 1970. Continued underfunding and political pressure from those in the industry have plagued the enforcement of the HPA.  There aren’t enough agents to attend every Tennessee Walking Horse and Racking Horse show.  As a result, a system that allows horse industry organizations (HIOs) to train and license their own inspectors, known as Designated Qualified Persons (DQPs), to examine horses at shows for signs of soring.  This is the equivalent of letting the fox guard the hen house.

Even when the USDA does send inspectors to shows, those found in violation continue to show. You can find a list of those in violation at the Friends of Sound Horses database. The database does require registration to be viewed.

There is FINALLY a bill in the house and senate called the PAST Act (Prevent All Soring Tactics Act).  It is H.R. 1518 and S. 1406. These bills add some teeth to the HPA.

What we need is YOUR HELP.

Our thanks to Mary Ann Kennedy for the use of her song “Tennessee”.